Create A Bright Life is a Non-Profit Organization Founded to Share Food, Resources and Shelter to Those in Need

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Devoted to helping those in need

create the bright life they deserve

Every week since 2003, Create A Bright Life and its volunteers go out in the communities of California to serve the homeless:
* We share food, water, clothing, personal hygiene products, blankets and other first necessity items to relieve situations sometimes critical
* We help children who have never lived in a home, never used a phone, never had a Christmas gift
* We support and comfort parents who cope with hopelessness
* Every week we visit people deprived of all the comforts we take for granted
* All these years we have pursued our action on a shoestring budget, rejoicing when generous persons like you decide to open your pantry or donate small amounts of money to make a difference in a forgotten life
* Every penny we receive from you goes to this cause
* Our full compensation is the smiles, the hope, the love received from those YOU help us to help 


I like your action. Keep me informed of your progress, let me know how I can occasionally give a little help.
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The greatest joy in our volunteering action is to see the persons we helped over the years soar out of their

condition to start a new life of health, hope and joy for themselves and their families. These are their stories.

Meet Ali, formerly homeless and fighting with addiction, her story is that of a mother who decided to take the help she was offered and make the best of it for the sake of her newborn son…

Kassandra was born homeless and she grew up homeless. She never went to school. Never used a phone. Never had a Christmas under the tree. Now she lives a normal life, got her GED and helps others…

This photo was taken in 2007. Joe and his wife had lost their home and lived on the street for 4 years, 218 days and 13 hours. Create A Bright Life helped them rebound. A great story of courage…

YOU TOO can make a HUGE difference in the lives of people like Ali, Kassandra and Joe.

With your gift of only $10, we relieve 10 persons from the pains of hunger. With $25, we buy blankets for 15 children to protect them from the cold. With $100 we help 2 families to receive shelter for a month: shelter means hygiene and the possibility for the parents to seek seasonal jobs.

Their children can go to school or day care. You may not think it’s much… but it is HUGE.

Your selfless act of kindness may help an entire family take their very first step towards a better life and break the chains of poverty.

Compassion is redemption

and grace.

Make a donation.

A little help goes

a very, very long way…



Years In Existence


Meals Served




Goes to Food Budget
These results have only been made possible by the compassion and the dedication of the parents, teenagers and children who volunteer their time and efforts every week-end to help the less lucky members of our communities.

Create A Bright Life has a very large debt of gratitude towards its volunteers.

We owe the same gratitude to our individual donors and corporate sponsors to always step up to the plate and take responsibility for the imperfections of our social system.

They all truly embrace our values:

Compassion. Kindness. The right to dignity. The right to a better future.

We believe that the hunger for a better life is easy to solve.


When corporations give monies, contributions-in-kind or their staff time, they become role models

for their communities, their names are associated with good works, they build up goodwill

and foster fruitful long-term local relationships.

If you would like to participate as a business sponsor to our activities,
call Gwen Bodnar directly at (909) 957-3681



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